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The Journeyman Council

Peter Frearson - Chair of Trustees
Peter Frearson
Chair of Trustees
Ianto Doyle - Trustee, Mentor, Ropaw Coordinator, Stroud JGroup Organiser
Ianto Doyle
Trustee, Mentor, Ropaw Coordinator, Stroud JGroup Organiser

Ianto has been vital to the growth of Journeyman from the beginning, inspired by the needs of his own (then) teenage son. He enjoys working with teens & bringing together meaningful multi-generational relationships.

Drawing on his work experience he has brought a depth of project management, attention to detail & community building to the organisation.

He has been involved in nearly all aspects of the organisation over the years & while embracing a big vision for the future he is pragmatic about the time & small steps needed to facilitate this.

Tabitha Pope, Trustee
Tabitha Pope

Tabitha became a trustee in 2018 and is excited to be able to help Journeyman grow into it’s full potential. Having 5 nephews she is well aware of the difficulties young boys face on the rocky road to adulthood.

She passionately believes that rites of passage and regular mentoring can help boys become the men they want to be.

Tabitha is an architect in her other life and wears the hat of assisting Journeyman with strategy, PR, marketing and IT.

Luke Harney, Trustee and Community Mentor
Luke Harney
Trustee & Community Mentor

Luke has been working with JourneymanUK since joining as a staff man on the very first Rites of Passage weekend in March 2011.

Since then he has co-ordinated the Bristol JGroup, run countless trainings for new mentors, facilitated groups in local schools, become a leader on the Rites of Passage weekend and presented the work of JourneymanUK at University College London.

Anita Cheung, JourneymanUK Trustee and Treasurer
Anita Cheung
Trustee & Treasurer

Anita has a PhD in immunology and has established a successful food business. With her entrepreneurial flare and head for numbers she is well suited for her role as treasurer and trustee of JourneymanUK.

She wants to spread the work of the charity to benefit as many people as possible, and spearheads finance and fundraising initiatives to that end.

All it takes is one true connection with a good adult male role model. This is enough to give our boys a reason to fight, for a good life and to be the best man they know they can be.