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The Journeyman Council

Alastair Brayne
Trustee, Bristol Coordinator

Alastair has been involved with us since 2010. He’s tried to run away a few times, but keeps coming back; obviously this work is close to his heart.

His mantra is that successfully supporting boys ultimately boils down to ‘turning up and giving a shit’.

He also keeps banging on about how important it is to form solid crews of local men who can hold the space for the boys, and crucially also each other.

Ulf Jarisch
Trustee, Treasurer

Ulf is a stalwart trustee, holding everyone to account and making sure we meet safeguarding requirements and stay on top of our game.

He believes passionately in the vision and benefits of JourneymanUK. Out of his first hand experiences, having a teenage, he knows about the important of this work and the impact it has on young men.

In fact, he is so committed to this work that he has even agreed to join the technological 21st century to ensure he can contribute his all as a council member.

Geoff Owen
Chair of Trustees

Geoff has been chair of the council since 2012 and is our resident cheerleader for Getting Stuff Done, and a super supportive advocate of the work we do.

He really believes in making a difference, and helping others to overcome their own limiting beliefs.

Based in London, he provides perspective and support for the work we do on the ground, enabling the rest of us to have the impact we hope and know in our hearts we can achieve.

Ianto Doyle
Training and Logistics

Ianto has been leading JourneymanUK almost since the beginning. He’s helped the charity transform from its enthusiastic, explosive start into a sustainable community-led organisation.

He’s got a crazy good head for logistics and organisation and it is his oversight that means the Rites Of Passage weekends go so well and so smoothly.

He also leads most of our training sessions and is keen to spread this learning to all our institutions and organisation that work young people.

Kirsti Leljak
Women's Groups

Kirsti came on board to help us develop the model for women and girls and ultimately co-gender mentoring too.

She’s excited about the prospect of bringing this work into school settings as well – meeting the young people where they already are.

We’re also hugely grateful to having her feminine perspective in council as well, balancing out the otherwise all-male team.

All it takes is one true connection with a good adult male role model. This is enough to give our boys a reason to fight, for a good life and to be the best man they know they can be.