Rites of Passage Adventure

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Rites of Passage Adventure

October 4, 2019 @ 5:00 pm


A transformational weekend for boys aged 14 to 18 offering them the chance to take a bold step towards becoming the kind of adult they want to be.


The Journey to Manhood is a three day event held by JourneymanUK in order to give the boys of our community all the challenge and support they need as they begin their journey to adulthood. We model healthy boundaries, creative co-operation, the capacity to transform and embody strong emotions positively and compassionately challenge the boys to face themselves and their future with courage, humour and integrity.


Any boy between 14 & 18 who can convincingly answer our questions: “What kind of life do you want?”; “What might get in the way of that?”; “Are you ready?”. This is not a weekend for boys who are “in trouble” or “causing trouble”, but they are equally welcome! Our view is that all boys facing the challenges of adolescence need the support and example of older men from all walks of life. In certain cases where it is clear that the boy in question is ready and/or in need we accept applications from those outside of the stated age range.


In adolescence boys embark on a journey to maturity during which they will encounter changes, challenges and new experiences, many of which will shape them for life. Although each path will be different and there is no one clear way through – with support, guidance and encouragement from the older men of the community the journey to healthy masculinity is far more likely to be successful.

Our vision is to create communities where adults support young men during their transition from childhood to adulthood.

This requires a recognition and witnessing of the boy on the verge of stepping into adulthood. It’s a moment where he can be seen to be seen, where he is invited to begin the journey of leaving childish attitudes behind and step forward into becoming the man he wants to be, with all the responsibility, courage and honour that this requires. Taking this step in full consciousness and with a community of caring men around him is a truly transformational ‘Rite of Passage’ he will carry with him for life.


£185 (early bird) £205 (before 31 August) or £225 thereafter. Generous bursaries and payment plans available on request – please don’t let money hold you back. Equally, if you would like to pay mor e to support a boy attending, that would be most welcome.


The RoPAW is staffed by a large group of 30 plus volunteer men and young mentees, who have experienced our programmme, from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds. The weekend is followed up by local regular group mentoring circles where we create a safe space for boys to tell the truth about themselves.

We have a rule that we don’t fix, rescue, advise or project our story onto the boys, instead we listen, acknowledge, admire, model and bless them for who they are. This way of operating enables a deep trust and connection which encourages the boys to be authentic about who they are and how they feel.

Rites of passage have played an important role in many cultures for thousands of years. Today, these rites have mostly been lost and boys often lack clear markers on their journey to manhood. During this phase support is needed to help boys safely explore who they are and who they might become as an independent adult in the community, JourneymanUK is rebuilding this in a contemporary way. JourneymanUK is the UK delivery of the acclaimed internationally available BoysTo Men programme from the USA.

On the Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend (RoPAW) boys are challenged and supported through a series of carefully facilitated activities where we guide them to discover their own individual strengths, talents and gifts. Having to respond in new way creates a powerful experience that helps boys cope with the ordeals of adolescence. Our challenge goes to the heart and story of each boy, he will be led towards an understanding of who he is and to start creating a vision for who he wants to be in the future. We use mythology, story, exercises, team work, emotional awareness, and celebration to help them find their own integrity, courage, respect, passion and leadership. What they tell us is that it’s an exhilarating and often life changing experience that many boys say they will never forget.


October 4, 2019
5:00 pm




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