Inner Mentor Training

An experiential small group training for fathers, carers, uncles, teachers, youth workers and all men interested in their personal and professional development.

  • Next training: 1st-2nd May 2021

The IMT stands alone as a powerful personal development experience as well as the entry point training for Journeyman mentors.

If you are interested in starting or joining a local mentoring circle or in staffing the Rites of Passage Adventure, the IMT is a significant preparatory step and will give you a powerful experience of the work of JourneymanUK. Whether you continue as a mentor in the organisation or not, this training will support you to become more self-aware and effective in your relationships with young people.JourneymanUK is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for men of any sexual orientation, ethnicity or religious affiliation.

The IMT will help you:

  • Be prepared to support your son through his teenage years
  • Deal better with challenges with adolescents at work or in volunteering
  • Improve your mentoring skills and be more comfortable around teenagers
  • Improve your ability to deal with communication breakdowns with teenagers
  • Reconcile your teenage experience and be better able to be clear and present.
  • This training is interactive and self-reflective; designed to support you in exploring, embracing and acknowledging your teenage experience.
  • It will help you understand how that experience still affects you and those around you today and contribute to your professional and personal development.

Overview of the IMT:

  • Revisit your experience of adolescence
  • How fathers/carers/mentors influence our teenage experience
  • The need for a safe place in a teenager’s life
  • Revisiting ‘that conversation with dad’ you didn’t have as a teenager
  • Our place within the flow of the generations
  • How to see the positive in teenage challenges
  • The role and qualities of a mentor
  • Basic principles of skillful mentoring
  • The importance of play in relating to teenagers
  • Information about JourneymanUK group mentoring
  • There will be a combination of dialogue, small-group exercises, games, and personal reflection.
  • There will be an encouragement to share honestly about your experience, as much as you choose, with guidance and support.

The IMT stands alone as a powerful personal development experience as well as the entry point training for Journeyman mentors. It is a safe and confidential space to experience what it is like to be present in the company of men and in doing so to make a unique contribution towards securing a healthy future for all. In some way all men ‘mentor’ adolescents by modeling how we are as men in the home, workplace and in the world.

If you are interested in starting or joining a local mentoring circle or staffing the Rites of Passage Adventure the IMT is a good preparatory step and will give you an experience of what Journeyman is about. It will also help you become more aware of how you are around young people, and how that affects your relationships with them. Journeyman welcomes men of any race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religious affiliation.



This is an in-person event with a maximum of 15 attendees including leadership team in a well ventilated space.

We are operating this training according to published Government Guidelines (see section 2.9) which includes guidance for groups and charities providing support to children and families.

Please read our full Covid-safe policy and guidance here:


The Green Heart Space, Chesterblade Hills (nr. Frome, Somerset)


  • 1st-2nd May 2021


  • Sat – 9am-6.30pm
  • Sun – 9am-5.00pm


Camping is available onsite.

There are also some recommended B&Bs near the venue.

If you need assistance with accommodation please get in touch, should Covid restrictions allow it may be possible to get accommodation from a local attendee.


Due to Covid safety precautions all attendees are required to bring their own food for the weekend.

In practice this means:

  • A packed lunch for Saturday and Sunday
  • Breakfast for Sunday morning
  • Snacks as required

We will order a takeaway for any men staying over on Saturday evening to eat together round the fire (at an additional cost of £10 per person).

Tea, coffee and soft drinks will be provided, but please bring your own water bottle, crockery cutlery and drinking vessels.


  • Full Price £180
  • Low Cost £120

Bursaries are available if required, please ask for details – payment by instalment also welcome.

Payment details will be sent via email once application has been reviewed an accepted.

We intentionally keep costs low for these events – if you are able to give more please consider sponsoring a place for another man!