Rights of Passage Adventure Weekends

Rights of Passage Adventure Weekend (RoPAW)

Rites of Passage have played an important role in many cultures for thousands of years, yet boys today often lack clear markers on their path to adulthood. At JourneymanUK, we create communities of mentors who hold the space for boys to safely explore who they are and who they might become. We have successfully been running contemporary Rites of Passage Adventure (RoPA) weekends for over a decade. 

The RoPA is our core offering to our communities of parents, mentors and boys across the UK! This is a powerful experience of self-discovery for teenage boys, taking place over three days of challenges, games and activities, supporting them to create a strong bridge from childhood to adulthood.

The young people are joined in their quest by a team of trained volunteer mentors (two men to every boy attending!) and are given multiple opportunities to learn about and value their unique gifts; to set and appreciate boundaries; and to begin the development of a mature sense of self that is rooted in a sense of responsibility to themselves and their community.

Outcomes reported by participants include:

  1. An expanded sense of possibility and self-awareness
  2. A greater capacity to process and express emotions
  3. An easing of anxiety and anger
  4. An increased sense of confidence and ability to set healthy boundaries
  5. An appreciation and understanding of their past choices
  6. An improvement in their capacity to make effective choices going forward


Our work deeply impacts those we work with. Boys, families, and communities more widely too!

Josh Panes

“I just really wanted to thank you for inviting me out on this amazing weekend. At first it was very surprising and unexpected…but I really enjoyed it. I faced a lot of challenges but also met a lot of new great people as well, and got rid of so much anger and stress that I’ve had inside of me for so much years. I genuinely see the world in such a different way after everything you and Journeyman has done for me this weekend – I can’t thank you enough honestly. I’ve done some things this weekend I never thought I would be able to.”
– Josh Panes (RoPA 2022 Participant)

“I am grateful for the dedicated work of Journeyman – it made a difference to the life of my sons who attended – they have grown into men now and their transition has been greatly assisted by their attendance at Journeyman during a crucial time in their early teenage years. I know it will be part of them forever. Thank you.”
– Bridget Griffin (Mother)


Our next RoPA Weekend is 22-24th September 2023, Near Stroud.

If you would like to find out more and sign a boy up, please fill in the referral form here: https://journeymanuk.org/refer/ and tick ‘Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend’

Places are limited!

To get a sense of what we bring to the boys who attend, have a look at the video below.

RoPAW Effects

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